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Bulk Licensing and Source Code Options

Bulk Licensing

Do you have 10 or more clients/ employees that would like to use RapidSketch? We offer several different options for you to get the best possible rate on quality sketching software. Options include discounts on large onetime purchases, as well as low cost annual fees for multiple users.

Source Code Licensing

Are you interested in licensing the RapidSketch component to fulfill your unique sketching needs? We give clients the option to license RapidSketch with full access to the source code for modification, unlimited internal use, and distribution to clients as part of a custom software package. This option is perfect for any companies or municipalities interested in using RapidSketch with the option to make their own custom changes to the application. Written in Microsoft .NET technologies, RapidSketch will be a viable solution to your sketching needs for years to come.

Custom Sketching Applications

Do you have a highly custom sketching need and simply can’t find anything that will work exactly as you need it to? Let’s work together to analyze your needs and create a solution designed to fit your exact specifications. We can make a custom “one-off” version of RapidSketch, or build a one-of-a-kind sketching program from the ground up.


RapidSketch components work on several different platforms, integrate with all kinds of custom Windows applications, and are being used all over the world. Contact RapidSketch sales today and find out how our experience can work for you.

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Example of RapidSketch Embedded in Another Application

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