Integrated With a la mode Appraisal Studio Bradford Technologies

RapidSketch is fully integrated with Bradford Technologies ClickFORMS Version 6

  • Automatically transfers your area calculations (GLA)
  • Automatically transfers the sketch image with totals
  • Automatically transfers all of your sketch save data so it can be edited later
RapidSketch also includes:
  • FREE telephone support M-F 9am-6pm EST
  • FREE 1 on 1 training via telephone and remote desktop control
  • FREE online training webinars 3 days per week.

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Press Release August 6th 2008:

San Jose, CA - Bradford Technologies, Inc., the leading developer of innovative, hassle-free appraisal software, together with Buffalo-based Utilant LLC, provider of innovative, easy-to-use sketching tools, announced the integration of RapidSketch software with ClickFORMS™ Version 6.0. RapidSketch is also now available for purchase in Bradford Technologies AppraisalWorld™ online Shopping Mall and, at great savings to AppraisalWorld members. The seamless Integration of RapidSketch with ClickFORMS will save users time because previously they had to “copy and paste” their sketches from RapidSketch to their sketch addendum pages in their appraisal reports. “We are excited at the opportunity to offer integrated use of our superior sketching program to Bradford Technologies’ ClickFORMS users, and at the same time save members of AppraisalWorld money on their purchase of RapidSketch.”, said Patrick Davis, CEO of Utilant LLC. “Bradford Technologies is happy to offer our ClickFORMS users a choice of one of the top-rated sketchers in the industry, while at the same time extending discounts to members of our AppraisalWorld user group.”, said Jeff Bradford, CEO of Bradford Technologies.

About Bradford Technologies, Inc. Located in Silicon Valley, California, Bradford Technologies, Inc. has provided world-class appraisal software for more than twenty years. Its flagship product, ClickFORMS®, is known for its intuitive interface and hassle-free reliability. It is the only appraisal software package to earn the coveted Microsoft® "Designed for Windows XP" certification. As a result, Bradford Technologies' customers are among the most productive appraisers in the nation. Bradford Technologies is the founder of AppraisalWorld, an online community of valuation professionals.

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